Ken Boyd

Ken Boyd outside the VFL tribunal

Boyd has no regrets over Nichols incident

Aug. 31st, 1961. Tough South Melbourne ruckman Ken Boyd has been suspended by the VFL for 12 matches, following the incident earlier in the month involving Carlton big man John Nicholls.

In that clash, which Carlton won 17.9 (111) to 7.10 (52). Boyd is alleged to have laid out Nicholls.

The incident was not reported by umpires, but next day Nicholls said that Boyd was responsible.

Boyd gave an interview to Peter Bye and Ian McDonald of the Sporting Globe published on August 9, in which he said: `I'm not ashamed I hit John Nicholls. I've a clear conscience on the whole matter. I was kicked in the stomach and the groin [at a centre bounce and] I was in terrific pain. I recovered, went back, turned Nicholls around and dropped himí (4/9/63).