Company Law and Commercial Contracts

We are experienced and expert at drafting all forms of commercial contracts. Examples are contracts for business acquisitions and sales, mergers/ joint ventures, technology licensing, franchise agreements, sponsorships. We wrote the contract between the Australian Grand Prix Corporation and the Confederation of Australian Motorsport for the conduct of the Formula 1 Grand Prix at race/track control level.

Our mergers and acquisitions practice has recently completed  the settlement of a capital introduction of $39,000,000 via us to a major client. Our role, in addition to the introduction of the investor, was to negotiate the take out of the majority shareholders, draw the relevant contracts, negotiate the final contract terms with the investor, see our client through due diligence, liaise with accounting experts, and arrange and effect a 25 party settlement.

In addition, we have recently completed the negotiation and documentation of the sale of a client's business assets for $6 million, payable partly in cash and partly in the scrip of an ASX listed company.

We have also just completed the transactional documentation and shareholders agreement in the transfer of a retail IT business, the consideration for which was a substantial issue of scrip in a listed company.

We recently completed documenting and settling the sale of another client's manufacturing business for $6.6million, and a purchase of a business in the printing industry for $1million.

We are involved in raising a combination of debt and equity funding and structuring 2 other client businesses at present, both in the energy business.

We are advising another major client on the demutualisation of its business.

We are experienced in the provision of independent legal expert opinions for inclusion in Company Prospectuses, and in particular mining and exploration companies.

We are actively engaged for clients in a number of interface matters with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

We provide our clients with company incorporation, new constitutions, trusts, self managed superannuation funds, and all other company and business structures.

We act in various aspects of insolvency including liquidations, bankruptcy and Part X arrangements with creditors.

Our experience is very broad. We act for a range of firms and companies and businesses as diverse as: